LUMIMAX® LED Area Lights can be either used as an incident or a transmitted illumination. Depending on the diffusor it produces a homogeneous or a directed light to highlight characteristic features of the test objects. Its structure allows any kind of arrangement around the test object. Large sized LED Area Lights can be used for illumination of along distant object. Area lights in the LG series are based on our LightGuide technology. State-of-theart LightGuide technology guarantees the maximum degree of homogeneity and irradiance intensity over the entire light field. Variants with additional collimation accessories improve image contrast and minimise the glare effect at manual workstations. The lights can be used with and without a camera hole as incident and backlight.

Machine vision system
  • led area lights
  • led square lighting
  • led lights for machine vision

Product features

Illumination colour White, Red, Infrared, Blue, Green, UV
Operation mode Continuous/ switching or Flash
Protection class IP50 or IP67

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Video on the principle of operation - LED Area light

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