LED Bar Lights LB-series

LED Bar Lights for Machine Vision


LUMIMAX® Bar Lights generate an elongated illumination of the test object, due to its constructional shape. The illumination radiation characteristics can be influenced by using various ancillary lenses. LUMIMAX® lightings of the LB-series are equipped with high-quality Power-LEDs and therefore guarantee an extremely bright homogeneous illumination – even with large operating distances and short exposure times. These continuous or flash lightings are applied combined with matrix and line scan cameras in code-scanning applications, as Dark Field Lights, for illuminating large object fields etc.

Lighting, street, industrial and commercial
  • led bar light
  • bar light for machine vision
  • uv led lights

Product features

Operation mode Continuous/ switching or Flash
Illumination colour White, Red, Infrared, Blue, Green, UV
Protection class IP67

Additional product literature


Video on the principle of operation for flash lighting - Bar light

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