LED UV lighting

LED UV lighting for fluorescence applications in the Machine Vision area


UV lights are used to make invisible features on products visible. The UV radiation causes certain materials to glow. This glowing is clearly visible to the human eye and cameras. Product labels that consumers find annoying can be applied with transparent, fluorescent ink. However, under UV radiation, the labelling can be made visible for the purposes of inspection. Fluorescent, low-contrast adhesives, paints and seals can be shown in high contrast with ultraviolet radiation. Presence and completeness monitoring is thus made easier for the camera. The finest cracks, such as in cast parts, can be made visible with the aid of fluorescence.

Lighting, street, industrial and commercial
  • uv light
  • fluorescence application
  • uv lighting for machine vision

Product features

Operation mode Continuous/ switching or Flash
Illumination colour UV365, UV400
Protection class IP67

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Video on the principle of operation for flash lighting - UV-lighting

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