The LEIBINGER JET2neoD industrial inkjet printer is the perfect marking system for standard applications in production environments with small amounts of dust. The continuous inkjet printer is suitable for use in somewhat dusty production environments and in environments with very small particles, such as sawdust. In addition to all benefits and functions of the LEIBINGER JET2neo series, the JET2neoD is equipped with three more features that allow it to be used in dusty production environments. 1. The closed back panel prevents dust and particles from getting into the printer. 2. The active housing ventilation guarantees that the printer will be ventilated and protects the electronics from dust. 3. The head ventilation generates a small amount of positive air pressure in the printhead. Even when there is dust present right on the marking position and when printing from below, the printhead always remains dust-free.

Marking - diverse products
  • Industrial Inkjet printer
  • small character inket printer
  • marking system

Product features

Printing height 1.5 to 14 mm, 0.06 - 0.55“
Fonts from 5x5 to 24x18 dots, special fonts...
Multi-line fonts 1 to 3 lines
Available menu languages European languages, Arabic, Chinese etc.
Protection class IP 54
Accessories Product detector, shaft encoders etc.
Ink colors black, yellow, red, blue etc.

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