L-Glutamin Vitamin B6 500g

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L-glutamine is optimally activated with vitamin B6. L-glutamine is an amino acid and is involved in numerous metabolic processes. It serves the immune cells, muscle and nerve cells and intestinal mucosa as an important building nutrient. Supports/Is good for Inflammatory bowel disease gastrointestinal Crohn's, colitis ulcerosa Chronic diarrhoea Leaky Gut Syndrome Chronic illnesses Stress and hyperacidity Weak immune system Delayed wound healing Chemo and radiation therapy Muscle loss The immune system needs large amounts of L- glutamine, to fight inflammation in the body among others things. A deficiency leads to increased degradation of the intestinal mucosa and related consequences. Taking L-Glutamine stabilises the intestinal wall function and thus prevents the transfer of germs from the intestine to the abdominal cavity. L-glutamine supports detoxification, muscle building, endurance performance and muscle recovery.

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