LKS 5 Lite works with high resolution cameras each up to two independent windows. Printed figures and codes are read, decoded and verified on the fly using a database, automatically pre-calculated values or user-defined data. Reference data can be generated by the system itself or can be provided from a file or via interface. The powerful I/O controller enables you to trigger a machine stop, marking or reliable rejection of objects with errors. Customized solutions can be realized easily due to the flexible design. Based on Windows technology and a simple teach-in function LKS 5 Lite is easy to operate. Typical applications include verifying various features, such as barcodes, texts, numbers, logos on cards, tickets, mailings, labels, shipping documents etc. You can track a wide variety of object characteristics at the same time. An error management system provides a report and the relevant reference picture.

Machine vision system
  • quality control
  • Camera verification system
  • image processing system

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