The cold rolling line mod LLR3060 is equipped with a cold rolling machine with four passes mod TR600/4 and is used for the production of smooth or ribbed wire from 3.0 to 6.0 mm at a max speed of 14 m/sec. The cold rolling line is completed by a vertical uncoiler with two tilting arms for the loading of coils in horizontal, a mechanic descaling machine, a lubricant dispenser, four rolling/profiling cassettes, a spooler. The smooth or ribbed wire produced by the cold rolling line can be collected with horizontal spoolers on fixed reels of 2 or 3 tons, or with single or double vertical spoolers on fixed or collapsible reels of 2 or 3 tons. This cold rolling line can be completed with some accessories: butt-welder, strain-relieving unit with rolls, reel tilting unit, strapping system for the production of strapped wire coils.

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