The cold rolling line Mod LLR4010 is utilized for production of smooth and ribbed wire with finished diameter 4,0 – 10,0 mm., at a maximum working speed of 12,0 mt/sec. Inside one single structure there are installed the mechanical descaler, the lubricant dispenser, the cold rolling cassettes, the vertical bullblock with 2 passes, the strain relieving device. The descaling unit Mod. DM14 is equipped with 6 rolls with insert in tungsten carbide, an air-blower and a tank for collection of the scales. The lubricant dispenser Mod. DL14 has two cochleas, one vertical and one horizontal. The cold rolling cassettes Mod. CRC150-30-33 are strong-built and do not require an axial regulation of every single roll because the very close tolerances of every single components of the cassettes guarantee the auto-alignment. The vertical bullblock Mod. MV14 can work with one or two passes. The double pass is necessary to obtain the diameter 4.00 mm.

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