LLX200-PA Baltospot - Portable generators

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Completing its range of very lightweight and powerful portable X-ray generators, Balteau NDT is adding the panoramic version of its well known LLX Series. Air cooled and actively powerful with the smallest carbon footprint of its generation, LLX200-PA will satisfy your most complex applications and expectations. Used in Aerospace business mostly, this compact unit can also be used in piping industry, Oil & Gas, tank, etc. The innovative cradle will help you to not only transport this unit easily but also to adopt any position as required by your daily jobs. LLX is controlled by a full digital control unit (DC1) using the energy saving concept of the BALTOSPOT series and our well known Hand-X® wireless remote control that is also available for your best safety.

Product information

Tube current range
mA 0,5 - 12
Maximum anode power dissipation
Watt 600
Beam angle
° 360 x 40
Focal spot size (EN12543)
mm 0,4 x 0,4
Steel penetration at max (*)
mm 35
Max recommended temp.
°C 50°
Temperature switch
°C 70°
Inherent fi ltration
mm 0,4 Fe/Ni/Co
Anode cooling type
Duty cycle
% 100
V 180 - 260
Weight (without rings)
Kg 18
Control unit
DC1 or Hand-XD