Electronics with 1 or 3 set points designed, in combination with a load cell, to limit the load and/or to detect slack cable of a hoisting device (EOT cranes). o Low cost o 1 or 3 independent set points o Set point 1 and 2 configurated for load limitation o Set point 3 configurated by default for slack cable detection o Adjustments by potentiometers easy to reach o Analog outputs : 0...10V and 4...20mA o Din rail mounting o 115 VAC available by internal jumper APPLICATIONS Load limitation on - overhead cranes - container cranes - gantry cranes CAPACITIES : - Internal monitoring system of the integrity of the load cell and the load limitation electronics (positive safety). - Visualization of overloads by a led on the front. - TEST button on the front - Hysteresis - Overload : default value : 20% (0% or 5% possible if specified at the order) - Slack cable detection : 0%

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