L-Originale® Balsamic Vinegar - Condimento 30 "Lo Zio" - Aged 30 Years



Get ready to enjoy the taste of time. L-Originale® Balsamic Condimento 30 , which is acetified and aged in wooden barrels for over 30 years, is exclusively made of cooked and concentrated must from Trebbiano and Lambrusco grapes. It is a balanced blend of the producer's expertise and the slow unremitting passage of time. The result is this rich and mouth-watering condiment of the very highest quality, unique and exhilarating in flavour. Selected for its characteristics, this vinegar will delight the finest palate and can enhance all your dishes. It is ready to use on all kinds of dishes, from appetizer to dessert (tartar, foie gras, smoked salmon, sushi, caviar, strawberries, vanilla ice-cream, cheesecake…). Thanks to its properties it is even excellent pure on a spoon as an after-dinner digestive: an inspiring experience drop by drop. Let yourself be seduced by this explosion of flavours. Quantity: 100 ml