LRD - Top-entry sealed agitator The LRD series top-entry sealed agitator can be used for mixing in closed containers with a mechanical seal. It is designed with a coupling housing. The agitator shaft is borne in the bearing housing and the mechanical seal (single- or double-acting). The seal can be exchanged without dismantling the mixer from the tank (also in case of a side entry). Drives with shaft journals for LRD series: Three-phase motor Helical geared drive unit Parallel shaft geared drive unit Variable speed geared drive unit Helical bevel geared drive unit According to the tank size, the LRD series agitator is available in four different frame sizes. Shaft diameters of 30 mm to 90 mm and shaft lengths of up to 10,500 mm are feasible. Explosion protection to ATEX 2014/34/EU for explosive zones 0 to 2 for gases and for explosive zones 20-22 for dusts (device group II, categories 1-3). Pharmaceutical version with FDA and GMP feasible.

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