LS1C2 Baltograph

Mobile & Stationary


The evolution of our LS1C, the LS1C2 is the ultimate rackable version for systems uses. This version is delivered with its control protocol which includes all commands to set up and perform X-ray exposures. The LS1C2 works with the well known « X-ray Remote Control » software under Windows 7 64 bits, which allows you to manage from the preparation (preheating, modes, etc…) to the X-ray exposure. TCP/IP type commands are provided for custom / OEM oriented applications. All the features developed on the standard LS1 such as the automatic recognition of Baltograph generators, automatic preheating, TSC/TSD tubeheads recongnition, diagnostic and maintenance modes are standard.

  • Baltograph
  • Mobile and stationary

Product features

Frequency Hz 45 - 66
Measure of kV and mA True measure
LED display and safety device 3 positions key switch: Mains ON - X-ray ON - Prewarning
LED display and safety device Emergency stop - Buzzer for audible warning
Main screen Selection mode, settings and controls
kV step kV 1 - 2- 5
mA step mA 0,1 - 0,2 - 0,5
Memories 10000 with users directories
Modes Standard user, Supervisor, SAV (maintenance and service)
Misc. Multiple tubeheads database management, built in Help & operating
Misc. manual, Exposure curves, Database option, Intelligent preheating, etc.
Generator connection Sub-D26
Device connection 1 x USB 2.0
4 confi gurable and programmable I/O Sub-D9
Operating temperature °C +5° to +50°
Protection IP54
Weight Kg 4,8
Casing Aluminium

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