E LUM light is a high-tech street light with a modern, extremely thin, aerodynamic design. It integrates seamlessly into all outdoor areas, as well as all road types. E LUM is an ideal choice for all categories of streets, parking lots, urban areas, and city centers. It is made of modern high-tech materials tested in the automobile and medical industries. Its modular concept enables fast and efficient component upgrade, and ecological dismantling after the end of the product’s lifetime. E LUM LED street light is designed to promote natural air circulation and exceptional heat transfer, which contributes to its lifespan. E LUM can also be upgraded with smart control system, which implements smart sensors connected to cloud, into the lights and offers a possibility to instigate smart cities and smart spaces. Such integration offers remote light management, movement detection, traffic counting and therefore serves as a necessary building block for smart crowd management and surveillance.

  • street lighting
  • led
  • smart city


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