S LUM LED light is our star energy-efficient product for street lighting, as it drastically reduces energy and maintenance costs. S LUM features a toolless, replaceable light engine and power supply. Other features include a post-top mounting bracket that is horizontally and vertically adjustable. The modular construction of the S LUM Street light allows easy upgrades and simple engine and power supply replacement. S LUM is available in two sizes and six different lumen packages, from 1300 to 15,600 lumens. This reliable unit has a long lifetime of more than 100,000 hours at L80B10. S LUM can also be upgraded with Street light control system which implements smart sensors connected to cloud, into the lights and offers a possibility to instigate smart cities and smart spaces. Dense sensor coverage offers remote light management, movement detection, traffic counting and therefore serves as a necessary building block for smart crowd management and surveillance.

  • street lighting
  • led
  • Smart city


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