Long-lasting polish sealant against atmospheric agents and aggressive products; pleasant fragrance. Its unique, patented formula** with “fluoropolymeric” technology for a “lotus” effect: Creates a protective barrier that protects the bodywork up to 4 months*. Increases resistance against atmospheric agents and aggressive products. Polishes the surface with a single wipe, as well as provides a water-repellent and protective action thanks to **patent n°1405717. Has a long-lasting anti-static and rain-repellent effect that improves visibility when raining. Does not contain hydrocarbons and mineral oils. Contains surfactants having biodegradability in compliance with 648/2004 and the perfume does not contain allergens, pursuant to attachment III part one.

Vehicle maintenance products
  • Long-lasting polish sealant
  • Shiny protective sealant
  • polish sealant
  • rain-repellent effect

Product features

pump 10-20 pump flow pulses 6 l/h consumption for a 10-20 ml cycle.
Dosatron injector 0.5%-2%
Sprayer 1:10-1:25
Foam nozzle from pure to 1:9 (100 ml – pure).

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