LV and LV-HPC Series charging connectors

Charging connectors; higher current-carrying capacity, DIN VDE 0623-589 standard


LV-HPC are available with the option, as patented by Schaltbau, for batteries featuring a commercial electrolyte circulation system and meet all current demands of manufacturers and users of modern battery-powered machines and systems, such as materials handling and lifting vehicles, vehicle batteries, battery chargers, and backup systems of uninterruptible power supplies. A red keying plug is used for charging wet batteries with 120 A, 250 A and 380 A, respectively and prevents mismating of the connector effectively. Features: - Higher current-carrying capacity to DIN VDE 0623-589: 120 A / 250 A / 380 A - High-quality, solid power contacts - High resistance to acids and extremes of temperature - Option for electrolyte circulation systems - Integrated interlocking - Keying to DIN VDE 0623-589 for 120 A - Intermateable with connectors to DIN VDE 0623-589 of other manufacturers

Electrical & Electronic Components
  • fast charging
  • reduced costs
  • reduced downtime

Product features

Number of contacts 2 main contacts, 2 aux. contacts
Current rating pilot contacts 20 A
Rated voltages for keying 24 / 36 / 48 / 72 / 80 / 96 V
Aux. and pilot contacts, wire gauge 2.5 mm² (AWG 13)

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