LW100 Lightened premixed plasters based on natural lime

Compliant with UNI EN 998-2


Lightened premixed plasters based on natural lime and special hydraulic binders and light mineral aggregates, fiber-reinforced with a special polypropylene fiber composition specially designed for internal background plasters on autoclaved cellular concrete blocks (Ytong and Gasbeton type) with mechanical application and manual. Approved by the Ytong laboratories. PACKAGE: Loose in silo - 25 kg sacks - 60 bags sacks - 15.00 ql USE: Indoor COLOUR: Grey GRANULOMETRY: ≤ 1.3 mm SURRENDER: 10/11 kg / m² per cm of thickness CAPILLARY WATER ABSORPTION EN 1015-18: "W0" class RESISTANCE COEFFICIENT TO STEAM PASSAGE EN 1015-19: μ ≥ 8 THERMAL CONDUCTIVITY EN 1745: λ 10, dry, mat = 0.29 W / mK FIRE RESISTANCE ACCORDING TO DM 02/16/2007: REI 120 APPROVED BY YTONG LABORATORIES: Test Report PB-VK-170-01

Building materials
  • Lightened premixed plasters
  • Ytong
  • Cellular Concrete System

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