Second Generation ResonantAcoustic Mixer


ResonantAcoustic(R) Mixer (RAM) uses sound to generate up to 100 g of mixing and processing energy. Unique technology eliminates blades, impeller and other engineered devices to mix in sealed containers to eliminate cross contamination and simplify clean-up procedures. 10 time faster processing speeds, low heat generation, and 100% material versatility of liquids, powders, gases, and pastes into the millions of cP viscosity. Mix with vacuum, heat; coat, mill, sieve. Capacities range from bench scale to production level. 800 machines in 29 countries across dozens of industries with excellent payback results. Annual Technical InterChange supports theory, practice, and hands-on machine use at all scales. ( Event designed for attendees ranging from experts who deliver papers, new users to learn from staff and colleagues, and novices to introduce technology basics. Broad based poster session encourages inclusive participation from all attendees.

  • mixing machines
  • process analysis
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