Label for direct contact with food



Our special solution for labeling fresh, moist or greasy food: Manufactured from a material approved for food. Water and grease resistant properties and printable in thermal transfer process. Suiting your needs we realize your individual label in true Bizerba quality. Bizerba labels for direct food contact safely and reliably fulfil their function: Our ISEGA-tested solution can be safely applied to your fresh, moist or even greasy food. Bizerba offers you various solutions: For multicolored preprints, paper or film labels with a permanent, special acrylate-based adhesive can be used. Another alternative with particularly resistant properties is our polyethylene film-based synthetic paper label. It combines the print quality of coated paper with the robustness of a high performance film: The label is tearproof and resistant against water, grease and chemicals.

Labels - stationery
  • Label for food
  • moist
  • Bizerba quality
  • ISEGA-tested solution
  • multicolored preprints
  • Pre-printable
  • customization options

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