PRINT Labels for printing in laser printers:Print labels are manufactured on A4 sheets and they are assigned for printing in laser printers. Our offer covers several dozens of the most used sizes on white or coloured paper or on special foils suitable for extreme conditions.Thermal labels for direct thermal printing:Adhesive labels for printing in thermal printers without tape canbe manufactured of matte or gloss thermal paper. Such labels can vary from very simple to a complex graphical design, even with photographs, like on packaging of ham or cheese and else. Most often you see them in grocery stores when you weigh veggies or fruit.Labels for printing in printers with tape:Adhesive labels for printing in TTR printers with tape are manufactured of matte, gloss of reflexive paper most often. To achieve a longer life cycle they can be produced of white or transparent foil or other special materials in fire-resistant or otherwise resistant mode.

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