Laboratory complex for receiving data from meteorological satellites «Lenticularis» is designed to receive, demodulate, decode, record and process digital information, transmitted from meteorological spacecrafts in low Earth orbits via L-band radio channels. It enbles to receive images from the following satellite series: Meteor-M #2, NOAA, MetOp, FengYun-3. The Complex provides receiving images from satellites in radius about 400 km from a point of its location and automatic data recording on computer disk. «Lenticularis» can be implemented in educational and innovative projects in the following areas: - construction complex for engineering education; - the complex as the basis of the design laboratory for the development of a number of competencies in the space industry and hydrometeorological support.

Laboratories, technical and scientific - teaching materials
  • Laboratory Complex
  • Meteorology equipment
  • Weather data

Product features

L x W x H 120 x 120 x 135 cm
L x W x H for transportation 150 x 150 x 60 cm
Weight 58 kg

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