It adopts automatic sealing and rotary technology via oxyhydrogen generator. Okay Energy provide the whole set of quartz vacuum equipment including rotary quartz tube vacuum sealing system,oxyhydrogen generator,vacuum pump. It is easy of use and suitable for vacuum sealing of quartz tubes with different diameter and length.New safety laboratory quartz vacuum sealing way features 2800 degree celsius oxyhydrogen flame, no gas cylinder.

Laboratory equipment and instruments
  • rotary quartz vacuum sealing system
  • quartz sealing
  • vacuum sealing machines

Product features

Model OK-M20
Working Station 1-2 pieces customized sealing station
Voltage 220V
Rotating speed 0-30r/min
Vacuum Rate 1*10-10pa*m3/S
OD of Sealed Tube 8-45mm
Vacuum Connection KF25
Optional Device oxyhydrogen generator, vacuum pump

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Okay Energy oxyhydrogen rotary quartz tube vacuum sealing system
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