Laboratory equipment

IRiM Infra-red date transmission modul

223.00€ TTC


The IRiM data transmission modul uses modern infra-red technology to transmit measurement data from the photometers AL100, AL200 and AL400 to one of 3 optional interfaces. These interfaces can be used to connect to a PC, a USB printer (HP Deskjet 6940), or alternative a serial printer (each ASCII printer). As an option the data can be saved as an Excel sheet or a .txt file.

Product features

Net weight 666 g
EAN Code 4049991076973
County of origin North Rhine-Westphalia
Gross weight 666 g
Dual use statement No
Präferenzkennung Yes
Packing width 0,229 m
Packing height 0,083 m
Packing depth 0,275 m
Transport temperature 10-25 °C
Storage temperature 10-25 °C

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