Laboratory equipment

AL250T-IR Turbidity Meter

647.00€ TTC


The compact infrared turbidity meter AL250T-IR is designed to allow fast, precise on-site testing. The unit measures the scattered light at an angle of 90°, as stipulated in EN ISO 7027. The wide measuring range from 0.01-1100 TE/F = NTU = FNU makes the instrument suitable for various applications, ranging from drinking water to waste water. As infrared light is used for measurement, the isntrument can be used to test both coloured and colourless liquids. Calbration standards are also supplied. An alternative adjustment mode allows entry of user-defined turbidity-standards.

Product features

Net weight 1,06 kg
EAN Code 4049991078472
County of origin North Rhine-Westphalia
Gross weight 1,06 kg
Dual use statement No
Packing width 0,229 m
Packing height 0,083 m
Packing depth 0,275 m
Transport temperature 10-25 °C
Storage temperature 10-25 °C

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