Lambda/10 Mirrors for Government Testing for Aerospace

λ/10 mirrors are used in the aerospace environment due to the vibration


Knight Optical can offer you stock and custom lambda/10 mirrors for use in government testing for aerospace, in a range of materials such as BK7 or equivalent, Zerodur, Quartz, UV Fused Silica and many more. Mirrors are made from low expansion glass for optimum stability to maintain the lambda/10 flatness. The mirrors help produce high quality images and can be coated with a variety of coatings to ensure that the perfect quality image in the wavelength you require is achieved: Enhanced aluminium 94%R for visible applications. 99.9% dielectric for laser use in visible applications. UV aluminium for UV applications down to 180nm. 98.5% dielectric for laser use in the NIR applications. Ion plated silver for NIR-2000nm applications. Protected gold for 750nm to far infra-red applications λ/10 mirrors are used in the aerospace environment due to the vibration, temperatures & pressure through which they are exposed. To Find out More read the PDF

Lasers - medical applications
  • Precision λ/10 front surface mirrors
  • laser applications
  • optical components for Aerospace

Product features

Material: Soda lime float glass
Diameter: +0 / -0.2 mm
Length/width: ±0.1mm
Thickness: +0.1 / -0.2mm
Surface quality: <40:20 scratch/dig
Flatness: λ/10 over 90% of mirror aperture (Rear is commercial polish)

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