Laminated film

Laminated Film


Laminated Film We work with laminated film characterised by its outstanding barrier properties and highly flexible sealability. Laminated film is used in the food sector, for example for packaging ready meals, fresh produce or oily food. Are you looking for the right laminated film for your product? Let us find it together. Laminated film – the facts: Laminated film for food packaging, e.g. for ready meals and fresh produce as well as oily food. Laminated film thickness: 54–67 microns, further thicknesses and laminate types on request Sealable at 140–180 °C against A-PET, C-PET, PP, PS, PE and PVC, as well as self-sealing Laminated film suitable for pasteurisation Excellent barrier properties (e.g. through PE-EVOH-PE) Available with anti-fog treatment

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