Lapmaster DL 370 - Lapping and Polishing Machines

Dual Face Lapping and Polishing Machines


These machines are capable of executing complex lapping routines while producing precise and repeatable results. These units, available for maximum component diameters of 51mm on the DL175, 114mm on the DL370, up to 170mm on the DL500, can lap a wide range of materials to very tight specifications. Excellent results have been obtained in the processing of a wide range of materials and components including glass, ceramics, crystals and ferrous materials. The Lapmaster line of Dual-Lap machines are based upon a two-way & three way planetary concept designed to yield very precise and repeatable results. Only the Inner and Outer Gears rotate allowing the carriers to move around the surface of the plates, whilst the top and bottom plate stay stationary. The larger DL500 and DL770 use a 3-way system, where the top plate, bottom plate and sun gear rotate.

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24768 Rendsburg - Germany


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