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  • Lapmaster Model 20 - Lapping machine

Lapmaster Model 20 - Lapping machine Verified by Europages badge

Lapmaster Model 20 with and without pneumatic lift system


The Lapmaster Wolters Model 20 is a bench mounted unit with a heavy duty carbon steel weldment base. The model 20 is ideal for engineering workshops, where flatness and finish are of prime importance. It is equipped with a 508mm diameter serrated lap plate, manufactured from Grade 300 grey cast iron to ISO 185(2005) as standard. In-shop lapping reduces costs of component processing and equipment maintenance programs. Worn parts are reconditioned and salvaged, thus eliminating scrap. The pneumatic lift version of the Lapmaster Wolters Model 20 is based on the open face machine. Pressure weights are attached through self-aligning bearings to the rods of the pneumatic cylinders. The cylinders are mounted on a framework located over the lap plate on an upright column. The primary function of the pneumatic arrangement is to permit loading and unloading to be carried out without the need to lift pressure weights manually.