Lapmaster Model 36 - Lapping machine

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The Lapmaster Wolters Model 36 is the perfect size for engineering workshops, where flatness and finish are of prime importance over a wide range of component sizes. It is equipped with a 914mm diameter serrated lap plate, manufactured from Grade 300 grey cast iron to ISO 185(2005) as standard. Other plates can be supplied on request. The machine is self-contained and the rigid welded tubular section steel frame supports the reduction gearbox and drive motor and houses the abrasive compound system and the waste tank. Access to these is provided by lift off panels. The machine is intended for use with free abrasive compounds. A dispensing system, for use with water and diamond compounds etc., can also be fitted. Flatness of the machines lap plate, and consequently of the work, is controlled by adjusting the position of the conditioning rings relative to the lap plate track.

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