Large Aperture Systems 24-inch Large Aperture System (click to enlarge) 32-inch Large Aperture System (click to enlarge) ZYGO's horizontal-axis Large Aperture Systems offer the unique capability to maintain two independent metrology cavities; one of the nominal interferometer aperture (4") and the other a choice of one of four beam expander diameters (12", 18" 24" and 32"). When configured with the proper accessories the Large Aperture Systems can be used to measure both surface form and transmitted wavefront quality. Large Aperture Systems consist of... • The interferometer mainframe ( Verifire™ or Dynafiz ®) • MUX cube (switchable mirror assembly) • Beam Expander (available as 12", 18", 24" or 32" diameter) • Phase measuring receptacle (for 12" and 18" systems; 24" and 32" utilize wavelength shifting mainframes and do not require a PMR) • Reference optics - transmission and reference flats as required depending on the optical configuration • Mounts - Mounts for the reference...

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