Large Character Ink Jet Printer
Large character with 16 nozzles  - REA ELEKTRONIK GMBH


one- to two-lines of text from 3 to 67 mm in height high quality materials, robust mechanical engineering pigmented REA JET inks for dark subsurface, solvent-based inks, etching inks for permanent coding and marking on metallic surfaces Heavy duty - reinforced design for use in extreme conditions (optional) different nozzle sizes for limited use of consumables optimal fine adjustment: REA DSC technology (RJ) (dot size control) - freely adjustable drop size for efficient use of consumables connection of one or more print heads to REA JET controller REA Plug & Print-technology (RJ) = high system availability via quick change system continuous configuration of print height through simple rotation of the print head - see illustration Print height adjustment on 16-nozzle print head via simple rotation (slant the print head for a smaller font)

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