Large Dining Table – 2036

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A large dining table model suitable for a conference hall If you are of the happy people type with a splendid house situated in the town suburbs or a very prosperous company’s leader, it is sure that you will appreciate the large dining table model produced by the furniture factory “Evrica”. Our furniture factory does its best to satisfy people’s need, who have big families, a lot of friends or business partners, producing the large dining table model, suitable for twelve chairs. This is our biggest dining table in our catalogue but its length is not the thing that impresses the customers most. The large dining table has an oval broad board which is placed over a strong base of four wooden pillars finishing with solid construction cross legged type. The elegance of the large dining table model is emphasised by a delicate carving over the ends and oval richness along the legs.

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5300 Gabrovo - Bulgaria