Laser Interferometers Laser interferometers from ZYGO were first introduced commercially over 35 years ago. Today, ZYGO continues to maintain the leadership role in surface form metrology using laser interferometry. Thousands of ZYGO interferometers are installed worldwide and relied upon daily to provide accurate production measurements of optical components and assemblies. Verifire™ Reliable and cost effective shop floor fizeau interferometer with unmatched 3-year laser warranty. Verifire™ HD Higher resolution imaging exposes mid-spatial frequency features. Dynafiz ® Highest level of performance. Reliable metrology even in extreme vibration and air turbulence. Verifire™ XL Measures flat surfaces up to 300 mm (12 in.) diameter without stitching. Simple part loading and alignment. Interferometer Accessories - ZYGO qualifies all of our optical metrology accessories to ensure optimal interferometer performance. Our accessories include transmission and reference optics,...

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