Laser Marking

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When it comes to laser marking, the following types of marking are essentially differentiated: • temper colour: in the case of stainless steels and titanium, oxygen storage in the surface, • white engraving, • deep engraving, • Color removal e.g. of anodized layers for aluminum, • Color change of plastics (usually additives required in the plastic), • foaming of plastics, • ... The advantages of laser marking are on the one hand: • longevity, • Biocompatible for and in medical technology. In addition, laser inscription is: • individually designed, • space-saving thanks to data matrix code, • consecutive numbering can be generated (serial number, date of manufacture, ...), • cheap, as e.g. there are no mask costs compared to pad printing.

Laser - cutting and welding machines
  • laser marking
  • engraving
  • Data Matrix Code

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