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Morgan Advanced Materials’ ceramic laser reflectors are high reflectance cavities used in solid state and CO2 laser systems. They are designed either as a one-piece or two-piece system, depending on customer requirement. Our range of custom ceramic laser reflectors offer significant advantages and improvements over those made with materials such as metal and polymer including: Extended life time Higher efficiency/output performance Higher reflectance over a wider range of wavelengths - Sintox™ AL shows reflectance of 97 to 98% over wavelengths from 570nm to 2000nm. Sintox™ FF shows reflectance of 96 to 98% over wavelengths from 570nm to 2000nm Inert to all common cleaning chemicals Uniform beam quality Greater thermal stability, particularly at higher temperatures due to a very low coefficient of thermal expansion. High reflectance Sintox™ AL and Sintox™ FF ceramic cavities generate diffuse reflectance, which provides a highly uniform beam profile. This diffuse reflectance also...

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