Laser Sensor for Seak Surface Inspection

Testimonial: Inline Quality Check


Particular Challenges: The seal surfaces in this case are made of very glossy metal, with the drawback of emitted reflections. This effect during an optical measurement must be eliminated. Furthermore, it is absolutely necessary to guide the laser scanner on a linear path over the surface, since fluctuations of distance may falsify the measurement result. QuellTech Solution: The Quelltech model Q5 disposes of an adequate resolution in X and Z direction and proves to be able to verify the planarity tolerances and to measure the size of defects. Meanwhile a precise rotary axle, used as guiding element, moves the scanner over the surface to be evaluated. Interfering artefacts caused by the glossy finish are suppressed by particular algorithms integrated within the software. As an encoder value is permanently supplied by the rotary axle, the position of each scanner profile within the point cloud can accurately be determined.

Forming, rubber - machinery
  • inspection of seal surface
  • 100 % inline inspection
  • find artefacts

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