With the laser cutting and engraving machine XL-1200 for acrylics eurolaser offers the possibility to process extremely broad materials on a comparatively small system. The processing area is 2,270 mm x 1,230 mm (89.3" x 48.4"). With the optional camera recognition system which is also available for other systems the production flow can be automated, leading to an increased economy of the laser processing. The requirement-focused modular design enables eurolaser laser systems to be specially configured to suit every requirement and at the same time provides the necessary flexibility. The system design is focused mainly on requirements that are generated from later use.

Laser - cutting and welding machines
  • laser cutting acrylic
  • laser cutter machine
  • co2 laser cutter

Product features

Working area (w x l) 2,270 mm x 1,230 mm (89.3" x 48.4")
Dimensions (w x l x h) 3,690 mm x 2,050 mm x 1,590 mm (145.3" x 80.7" x 62.6")
Max. material width 2,230 mm (87.7")
Material clearance 15- 50 mm (without material support)
Laser power 60 to 600 watt
Speed 1 - 1,414 mm/s (in steps of 1 mm)
Acceleration max. 14,1 m/s² (555"/s²)


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