The three-dimensional laser cutting of tubes and profiles in FoxLaser is performed with Adige LT8 3D laser complex of BLM Group - the first automated 3D laser machine for cutting such materials in Bulgaria. 3D laser cutting of tubes and profiles is a modern technological solution for a fast and high-quality production of various products from steel, aluminum and other metals. It is widely used in the furniture and transport industries, in the automotive industry, in the construction of mechanical conveyors, storage equipment and railings for construction. The automated laser tube cutting machine replaces a large number of traditional processing methods, and also allows for the creation of completely new models and assemblies, otherwise impossible to create with existing machines.

Laser - cutting and welding machines
  • Laser cutting machine
  • 3D laser machine
  • Cutting precision and flexibility
  • customised tube cutting
  • Cutting - steels and metals
  • laser cutting for stainless steel


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