Laser cutting

LVD laser and Trumpf laser


Our individually programmable cutting devices revolutionize the machining of aluminum and stainless steel as well as a wide variety of types of structural steel. Clean and burr-free cross-sectional images of hard as well as soft materials meet your high requirements. LVD Laser Electra FL 3005: Incredibly fast and flexible, the Electra fiber laser cutting system is ideal for ultra-high-speed cutting of thin sheet metal materials. The Electra can cut a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. • Ergonomic, modern design • Optimized machine design for maximum dynamics • Ultra-high-speed cutting • Processing speed up to three times faster than with CO² • Intuitive LVD Touch-L touch screen control • Highly efficient fiber laser source • Automatic shuttle table system Trumpf Laser: The new generation of the proven laser machine TruLaser 3040 combines innovative technologies and high laser power with a new design concept and optimized operation.

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