Laser rotary swivel head RSH 3D-2

3D Head


RSD is our short name for a laser head consisting of a total of 2 motorized axes for use in large-format laser machines in gantry design for 3-dimensional laser cutting / laser welding of components. The horizontal main axis of the laser head permits endless movement, even during the rotary movement the axes below are permanently supplied with cooling water, process gases and all electrical signals. Suitable optics are used for the laser source used, either directly water-cooled metal mirrors with coatings of least absorption, or alternatively glass optics. The use of an adaptive optics optionally allows the freely programmable focus position for cutting and piercing. The exclusive use of torque motors reduces mechanically moving components and thus guarantees consistently high machining accuracy and best machining results over a long service life, against mechanical damage reliably protects our proven 3D collision protection.

Laser - cutting and welding machines
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