Laser generation involves building up components in layers from metal powder in standard materials (e.g. steel 1.2709 or 1.4543). The basis for the laser control are 3D/CAD data. Thin layers of powder are applied to a basic body and then melted into the desired contour by laser. These process stages are continued in a revolving pattern until the workpiece geometry is complete. Excess powder is recycled and can be employed fully for other production processes. Depending on the component in question the process can take a few hours or several days. The desired hardness up to HRC 54 (1900 N/mm 2 ) is achieved by subsequent heat treatment. The advantages are obvious. Firstly, there is enormous time savings to be had - no time is lost in making and testing tools. Secondly, there is the gain in flexibility. Laser-generated parts are fully functional, possess identical spring properties as the later production product. Modifications to the production data of variants can be integrated in the original process and can be incorporated very rapidly following sampling.


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