Our gloves have many different designs and available in a multitude of colors,It can be obtained in a wide range, from wrist-length to those that are shoulder-length.with a skin tight fit , it still allowing for the hands to breathe, makes it easier to hold objects and manipulate them. The palms and fingers usually have a raised pattern which helps provide a good grip when handling objects. Wearing gloves protects the hands from harsh detergents and other cleaning products which are used in the home and elsewhere. We can provide anti-allergy gloves specified for people who has sensitive skin and allergy to latex.The thickness of the gloves and the long cuffs provide excellent protection for all general cleaning tasks and are useful for all chores where the hands need to be put into water, and provide protection when vacuuming, dusting, and polishing

Rubber products
  • latex gloves
  • Rubber gloves
  • household gloves
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