Laundry bags PVA, water-soluble (red)

Maintenance and hygiene
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This water-soluble laundry bag makes handling contaminated or infectious laundry much more hygienic and faster. The laundry stays in the bag and is washed directly in the machine. During the washing process, the laundry bag dissolves completely from 45°C as it is made of a special water-soluble thermoplastic based on polyvinyl alcohol (PVA). This saves you the inconvenience and unhygienic task of decanting or touching the dirty laundry. The water-soluble laundry bag is ideal for critical laundry in hospitals and nursing homes. But it prevents cross-contamination in rescue services, fire brigades, epidemic control and asbestos removal and protects against infection risks.

  • Laundry and dry cleaning machinery and equipment
  • Laundry bags
  • PVA
  • Water-Soluble

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60l or 100l


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