These lockers are mostly addressed to cleaning service outsourcing companies, but also other businesses that supply their employees with workwear due to technical, sanitary or industrial safety regulations. These lockers are also used in all places where protective clothing or workwear are used for services resulting in garments becoming excessively dirty (laboratories, workshops) or wet, which makes it necessary to store them separately from clean clothes. Our offer includes several locker models that make it easier to separate clean and dirty clothing, including: - single-compartment lockers; as standard, every column has a partition separating clean and dirty clothes, - single-column lockers with an opening for inserting dirty clothing, - multi-tier lockers for clean clothes with a central frame locked with a single-point cam lock; every compartment is locked with a separate key; the central frame of the compartment section is opened (independently from the compartments) with a master lock, which makes the compartments freely accessible to service companies. - two-module multi-tier lockers with a multi-tier module for clean clothes; every compartment is locked with a separate key; the main frame of this section is locked with a master lock, offering easy access to all compartments; the second section is a separate compartment with an opening for inserting dirty clothes and doors locked with a cam lock. We deliver various locker configurations, adjusting the number of compartments to match the Client’s needs.


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