Article number: 101627 Type number: LS 100 EAN code: 4047322369374 Leak detector incl. accessories in a practical case, Ultrasonics measurement technology, Working temperature 0 C to 40 C. Principle: Every year, leaks in compressed air and gas installations result in substantial, unnecessary energy costs. If gases escape unused due to leakage, noise that cannot be heard by the human ear is created. This leak detector picks up even smallest leaks from a distance of several metres. It transforms the inaudible signals into a frequency which is indicated both visually and audibly by the display and through the padded headset that is shipped with the unit. Applications: Leak detection in compressed air, gas, steam and vacuum systems (not suitable for helium) Advantages: - Fast and simple measurements, even from a distance of several metres - Measurements can be carried out "on the fly" without disrupting operation - High cost saving means a short payback period - Not affected by...

Product features

Packaging Unit 1
Quantity min 1
Charging time Approx. 1.5 hours
Description Leak detection device incl. accessories in a carrying case
Laser as an visual tools 655 to 660 nm, Output power: 0.4 to 0.5 mW
Max. operating temperature 40 C
Max. storage temperature 50 C
Min. operating temperature 0 C
Min. storage temperature -10 C
Operating time Approx. 6 hours without laser / 4 hours with laser
Power supply Internal NiMH rechargeable battery
Working frequency 40 kHz 2 kHz

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