Leather Sole Adhesive The NEOPRENE 1 is a plychloroprene adhesive with high crystallization used for cold sticking of LEATHER SOLES, for the assembly of the GUARDOLO and for the to pair LEATHER-LEATHER and LEATHER-TUNITH. High bond strenght. CHARACTERISTICS : Viscosity : 2800 +/- 100 cPs Opened Time : 15 - 30 Minutes USING INSTRUCTIONS : Apply an homogeneous coat upon the two parts has to be stickked, let them dry for at least 10 - 15 minutes and join the two parts with hands, hammer or with a press. To dilute the PRODUCT, use SOLVENT P or SOLVENT M. The products has to be conserved in the original tins well closed and in a cool and dry place. N.B.: All the indications over reported are without obligation and warranty. PACKAGINGS : Kg 800 - Kg 200 - Kg 40 - Kg 15 - Kg 9 Kg 4 - Kg 1

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