Ledin - Sun Tunnel - Chatron - Solar Light Tube

Ledin + Solar Light Tube - Sun Tunnel - Sun Pipe - 24h Max Light


What is LEDin? It is the integration of Led lighting in solar tubes, allowing efficient lighting 24 hours a day. During daylight and sunny periods the illumination of the space comes from the sun. As night approaches or the day gets darker, Chatron’s “Light Controller” console introduces power to the LEDs to keep the desired and selected Lux ​​level constant for that location. MAXIMIZATION OF THE UTILIZATION OF NATURAL LIGHT + OPTIMIZATION OF EFFICIENCY IN LED LIGHTING During the day, SUN PIPE – SUN TUNNEL -SOLAR LIGHT TUBE transport the natural light into the interior of spaces, keeping the environment with the quality that only Chatron SUN PIPE – SUN TUNNEL -SOLAR LIGHT TUBE can accomplish. To achieve light during night periods or during cloudy periods, LED-IN Chatron system allows for each SUN PIPE – SUN TUNNEL -SOLAR LIGHT TUBE model to light spaces with the adequate power. Available options: Standard (On-Off) or Dimmable version are available.

Dormer windows - prefabricated
  • Sun Tunnel
  • LightTunnel
  • Solatube

Product features

Minimum Power 15 W
Other Powers 30, 45, 60, 75, 90, 120 W

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Ledin - Solar Light Tubes - Sun Tunnels Chatron - 24h Lighting

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