Modular inverted microscope, perfectly suitable for materials science, metallography or medical device manufacturing. Saving time with inverted microscopy: Once focused, the sample stays in focus at any magnification. Accelerated sample changing and simple observation, even of huge and up to 30 kg heavy samples, due to the inverted design. The macro objective provides a 35mm field of view at a 0.7x magnification. Depending on the demands, additional magnification levels from 1.25x – 150x can be configured freely. Focus drive with three positions for sensitive focusing with different magnifications. With the Ultra-Contrast-3D-Illumination, you get additional information on the surface structure and a better contrast. 3 Versions: • Leica DMi8 M manual version for routine tasks • Leica DMi8 C with coded components for reproducible and reliable results • Leica DMi8 A motorized version for reliable measure and reproducible image settings

Optical instruments

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