Leica S9-Series

Greenough Stereo Microscopes


Continuously improving production, keeping defect rates low, and fulfilling customer requests in order to stay competitive can be very challenging. Leica has developed the S9 stereo microscope series to help you cope with these challenges. With this new generation of Greenough stereo microscopes operators will be able to reveal details faster as they spend less time having to adjust the microscope. Available in different versions for diverse needs the S9 stereo microscopes boost efficiency and optimize optical inspections in your production line or Quality Control division, due to: - FusionOptics technology with 12 mm depth of field to find details fast - High magnification up to 55x and 9:1 zoom for quick changes from overview to details - 122 mm working distance for easy sample manipulations under the microscope - Integrated, network-camera for easy image sharing

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